Corporate Architecture

What is Corporate Architecture? A Basic Definition

Corporate ArchitectureFor those who are not familiar with the terminology, Corporate Architecture is a corporation of trade and managed discipline that is focused on the architecture of building construction, designing, space and atmospheres whose primary goal is to meet the needs and demands of the business society.  

Some history of corporate architecture dates back to the 1920s where a German man named Mies van der Rohe invented it through his charcoal sketches that portrayed skyscrapers made of glass and steel. Mies van der Rohe was also the individual that developed the “International Style” term that was adopted not too long afterward by Philip Johnson and Henry-Russel Hitchcock in their book, “The International Style.” Around this same time, many Modernist architects began to engineer glass and minimal steel structures for just about everything from small residences to office buildings. The idea behind these newly designed and constructed buildings was to perfect a structure that would never have to be modified to suit the changing weather climates or building sites. Eventually the dwellings that were constructed during this period had become traditionally established as opposed to the office buildings. They were reproduced again and again on a never-ending basis that would eventually occupy the downtown regions of every major city across the globe. Corporate buildings to this day have remained true to this glass and steel box design. Continue reading

Interior Design

Architecture and Interior Design – A Modern Lifestyle

Do you believe it to be true that interior designing is greatly inspired by the architecture and surroundings of the structure it is contained within? Let me ask you, would you install beach adornments and furnishings throughout a mansion you have in the mountains surrounded by thick forest? You likely would not, unless you were a surfer that took several boards in the head one too many times. I think you may now be getting the point.

Interior DesignWhen it comes to a home owner wanting to decorate the inside of their abode, just because the architecture might be fashioned in a “cookie cutter” style like the other surrounding structures, does not mean that their inside must be exactly the same as well. With that being said, although a building’s engineering may not always be altered in most instances, it’s very important that the interior of the home be as unique and appealing to the home owner as possible. After all, do they not say that the interior design of a home reflects the inner character of the individuals living there? Let’s take a closer look now at how many interior designers make decisions based upon their influence of a building’s architecture. Continue reading


The Best Architecture Schools in the US

HarvardWell ladies and gentlemen some significant information on the best American architecture schools is now available for 2014. The purpose of this content is not to surpass anyone else providing you with similar insight but to make this valuable knowledge more accessible. After all, isn’t it nice to help others out and not expect anything in return? For anyone wanting to pursue any architecture-related studies across America then please continue reading to get a better grip on the “who’s who” of competitive architectural programs this year. We will also briefly provide you with information on what the local firms are interested in most when hiring new members to join their teams.

The following educational institutions are based upon the highest rate of employing encounters within the past five years. The numbers won’t lie to you but feel free to dig deeper if you aren’t satisfied. Continue reading


New and Popular Form of Street Art Emerging

There is a new form of street art emerging all over the US and UK called environmental graffiti. To do it requires precision in design by hand or on computer, and a skill in art when you execute the graffiti on the street.

What it is is cleaning a dirty surface in the shape or design of art or advertising. It is also referred to as reverse graffiti in that instead of dirtying a surface with paint you are cleaning the surface, leaving the dirtyness. Let’s take a look at how you can design your own reverse graffiti, leaving your mark on the street. And also how companies are taking advantage of it to perform very affordable and “legal” advertising in public spaces. This may spark new business ideas in your head in terms of designing these stencils for people…

The general steps outlined below are: designing the stencil, performing the reverse graffiti on the street and general rules to know about.

1.) Making a Stencil

The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to perform reverse graffiti is to create a stencil out of cardboard. The stencil is what you place on the surface and when you clean the surface with a power washer you are only cleaning the art you designed on the stencil. With cardboard you can do it all yourself at home with minimal equipment. However, the finished stencil may not be cut out perfectly. Nonetheless a good option for your first reverse graffiti.

A more expensive but more precise option is to just create your design on paper or computer and then pay a company to cut you a stencil out of sheet metal. This is the most precise way and gives you ultimate control over the design of your art. It will cost a few hundred dollars; however, to get it cut on a laser cutter.

Now there are some that argue a stencil is cheating. And that the true artists have a design in their head that they create on the wall or surface in real time with the jet wash.

Up to you.

2.) Getting the Right Equipment

Once you have designed your stencil and created it by hand or with the laser cutter option you’ll need to get some basic gear to create the art on the street. You could hire a pressure washing company in your state or rent a pressure washer and do the work yourself. Probably cheaper to rent one yourself. And they’re not hard to use. Along with that you’ll need a water source – either a nearby tap or water tank. And lastly you’ll need some safety goggles, long pants and closed in shoes to ensure safety.

Now all you have to do is find a dirty plot of concrete or side of building, place your stencil and use your Briggs & Stratton power washer to clean the surface you stenciled out.

Most of the work is in designing and creating the stencil. The pressure cleaning only takes a few minutes.

If you say there is no art skill to this think again. Have a look at this picture of batman made via reverse graffiti.

Laws and Implications

So I think we all know that street graffiti is illegal. You are defacing a property not owned by you. But what about reverse graffiti. All you’re doing is cleaning the surface in the shape of art. It must be legal right?

Well, in general, it is. In fact, there isn’t really any laws about it since it is so new. The determining factor is the fact that once you leave the art only remains for a few days until washed away. So you’re all safe.

Go create some reverse graffiti today!


Of Art, Design, and Home Renovation

Art and design are a very important part of our daily lives. Although many people think that both are “extraneous,” they don’t realize that great design actually plays a very important part in pretty much everything we do. The buildings you see and their amazing interiors? They were made with sound artistic principles in mind.

In this post, I am going to focus on the importance of renovating homes with great art and design principles in mind. It is an unfortunately reality that most people don’t realize the importance of both. By talking about it, I hope to make people not take such a thing for granted.

What is the primary importance of employing great design when renovating homes? For one, a home that is well designed is both functional and pleasing to the senses. Although it might seem like such a small thing, the look and feel of a house can affect the moods of its occupants. There’s really nothing like spending time in interiors that look amazing. Although easily taken for granted, the soothing effects of well designed interiors can greatly increase the quality of a home’s occupants. Of course, aesthetic pleasantness isn’t the only thing that makes great design important when it comes to home renovation. Great design also employs principles which make homes more functional. For one, although the placement of walls and other objects in the house may seem to serve no purpose other than aesthetics, it can actually improve the circulation of air in a home.

Of course, aside from the things I already mentioned, great design can also lead to an increase in a home’s value. This is actually why I also had my basement renovated. Most home renovation companies here in Toronto really do a great job converting basements into any kind of room. The basement renovations Toronto homeowners avail of almost always end up increasing their home’s value significantly. In my case, I had my basement turned into a living room of some sort. It looks so much better now, and it’s all thanks to the home renovators I hired.

If you want to make your home more beautiful while increasing its value, I highly suggest that you get in touch with a home renovation company that places great emphasis on aesthetics. By availing of the best basement, the best living room, or even the best bathroom renovations, Toronto homeowners end up benefiting themselves in so many ways.

“My name is Martela Jackson, and I am an accountant. Although I majored in something that doesn’t require much knowledge in art, I’m actually very much aware of the importance of art and design in daily life. This is why I actually had my house renovated recently. Thanks to the company I hired, my house looks much more elegant and feels more cozy now. The best part is that I didn’t have to spend that much money for it. Also, I’m very much happy about the fact that the renovations I had made will end up increasing the value of my home. In a way, I’ve already actually recouped my expenses,” Jackson told me.


Of Design and Mold Removal Jobs

Art and design are two subjects that permeate almost every aspect of daily living. You may not realize it, but art affects everything you do in real life. For this reason, it should never be taken for granted. Unfortunately though, most people still view art and design as something that is “extraneous.” They think that these two things shouldn’t be a primary concern of any normal human being and that it is pointless to major in art or other related fields. The truth is that the world needs more young bright minds to employ art and design for the betterment of society.

To make people realize the things I’ve said, I decided to post cases where art and design have a direct, noticeable impact on daily life in this blog. By doing so, I hope to convince those who stumble upon my blog to reconsider their views on art and design.

You may not realize it, but mold removal and remediation, although seemingly artless tasks, actually need to employ good design practices. Back in the olden days, most mold removal technicians were content with using chemicals and other harsh processes to deal with mold. Sure, they were effective, but they were almost always just temporary solutions. What happens is that after just a month or two of being mold-free, the serviced homes end up having significant amounts of mold again. The cycle of significant mold growth and removal just goes on and on. When one considers the environmental and health impacts of the harsher mold removal processes back then, one ends up realizing that the cycle is really detrimental to so many things.

The good news, however, is that mold removal technicians now know better than to just use harsh chemicals. They now make it a point to actually employ environmentally friendly methods that are actually more effective at dealing with mold. This is because these methods address the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. What are these methods exactly? These methods range from dry ice blasting to redesigning homes – the latter is where good design principles come in.

When it comes to mold removal, Toronto homeowners put a lot trust those who are able to redesign their homes to become mold-resistant. This is because their work is very effective. Aside from making homes mold-resistant, they also end up making them very beautiful. How is this possible? This is possible through the use of good architectural techniques. The mold removal technicians renovate homes so that their rooms become less humid and moist. They change the building materials of homes so that they end up becoming less prone to moisture build up. Open, humid spaces are renovated (with the homeowners' tastes in mind, of course) so that they end up having normal temperature. This may entail putting new doors, installing new windows, etc. By engaging in these renovations, homes become hostile to mold growth. the best part is that such redesigns are informed by good design principles. If they weren’t, the redesigns wouldn’t be able to prevent the spread of mold.

Hopefully, this post of mine regarding the mold removal service Toronto homeowners receive ends up making people realize the importance of good design and art. Majoring in art doesn’t mean that one ends up not having many opportunities later in life. The opposite case is true, actually.


The 2014 International Festival of Art Photography: A Primer

Since its inception, the International Festival of Art Photography has proved to be the best when it comes to showcasing the work of artists working in the medium of photography. Every photographer who gets the chance to showcase their work in the event gets international recognition and often even get praise from the most respected art critics. This year, the International Festival of Art Photography is going to be held in Canada, and the theme of the event is going to be “Identity in the Internet Age.”

The photographers who are joining the event are going to show photographs that depict man’s relationship with the internet. This year, twenty three artists from all over the world are going to participate in the event. In this post, we are going to take a quick peek at some of these artists’ profiles.

One of the artists participating in the event is Lee Reynolds. Lee Reynolds is a Canada-born British artist who has been working as a photographer since the late 90s. Since he started working as a photographer, he has been gaining consistent critical acclaim from critics all over the world. The subjects of his photos range from the mundane to the very abstract. Words can’t describe Reynolds’ work; they need to be seen in order to be understood.

Another artist who is going to participate in the event is Kenan Wu. Kenan used to be a full time binary options trader who worked with a legitimate firm. Through his work with his binary options broker, he was able to amass a fortune which he ended up using to produce photos that are amazingly staged. Each photo of his costs thousands of dollars to produce, and that is because he makes each scene look really wonderful. Many people expect the work he produced for this year’s International Festival of Art Photography to be really provocative.

Mina Welmington also happens to be one of the people joining this year’s event. Welmington is one of the youngest female critically acclaimed photographers in the world. Although still just 21, her work has already been exhibited all over the world. Welmington claims that her work for this year’s International Festival of Art Photography is a big departure from her past work. Just by hearing her comments, so many people from all over the world have gotten very excited about seeing her work for the event. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, as Welmington is one of the most original artists the world has seen in a long time.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove to be effective in getting people more excited about this year’s International Festival of Art Photography. Really, this year’s iteration of the event is going to be the best one yet. If you are going to be in Toronto next month, make sure you purchase tickets for the event and actually attend it. By going to the event, you will have a great time whilst supporting the charities of choice of the event’s participants. This year’s International Festival of Art Photography is going to show the world the value of photography in the modern age.


Buy YouTube Views to Highlight Your Design Ideas

People love to watch videos about new design concepts. They want to watch these videos because they want to learn more about the many ways how different kinds of designs can be used in all sorts of fields.

You may be amazed at the variety of videos that you can spot these days. These include videos devoted to graphic design, interior design and even the designs used for video games and other forms of software.

If you have some unique design ideas that you want to highlight then you should take a look at what you plan on doing when getting those views out to the world. If you buy YouTube views then you might find that it will be very easy for you to get the most out of your plans. You can do this to get more people to discover many aspects that come with your design solutions. These include the aspects that come with what you traditionally do in order to market yourself.

Showcase Your Design Philosophies

People who buy YouTube views from a Great Company like http://www.viewsaccelerator.com are often more likely to benefit because their design philosophies will be showcased to more people. People who buy more views will get their videos to become more visible on a YouTube search as YouTube tends to place more value on videos that have plenty of search and viewership hits on them above all else. These tend to be more viable.

If you buy these views then people will see more about how you have so many unique design ideas. You can use these videos to showcase points relating to how you use design plans in your work and how you might use specific designs in certain types of projects.

Show Your Newest Plans

If you have new design ideas in the world of interior design, game design or practically any other design field then you need to buy YouTube views to get your videos to be more visible. A new video can highlight information on your new ideas and how you can move on up with these. You can even walk people through every step of the design process in order to give them ideas on why these new plans are so special when compared to what you might have created in the past. This is done to showcase the general process that you might use in order to get certain ideas to work for you.

Explain Your Processes

Sometimes you might even create new videos on YouTube to highlight the general processes that you use in order to create new designs in any field. If you can buy video views then people will be more likely to explore the many aspects that come with how you can manage different kinds of highlights.

You can explain to people your beliefs on certain processes as well as why particular procedures are ideal for use in many fields. If you can explain your ideas and benefits to others then those people may be more likely to feel comfortable about whatever it is you want to talk about.

You will have to see how you can work with all sorts of YouTube videos when highlighting your design plans. If you buy views for all of these videos to make them more visible on YouTube then you will certainly see that you can get the most out of whatever plans you might have to work with at a given time. It is all done to make your business more viable and appealing to more people as they will get to learn more about what it is that makes you more appealing to others when you are highlighting what it is that makes your design ideas so special.


How to Support Yourself Financially as an Artist

Creating art is a very hard process. And to be able to make great art, one must give their full attention to it. Unless one is able to give their all when creating art, the result of their labor will be less than stellar. For this reason, many artists who hold regular full-time jobs are not able to make amazing works. If an artist wants to be able to create amazing works of art, they really need to consider being a full-time artist.

Of course, one reason why so many people passionate about creating art don’t make it a full-time venture is that they are afraid they won’t have a regular source of income if they do so. Aside from this, they know full well that not all works of art actually sell for a high price. The good news is that people actually don’t have to worry about such things anymore. People can now be full-time artists without having to worry about money. One way they can do this is through binary options trading. Because most brokerages now offer helpful binary trading signals and other amazing services to their clients, anyone can now easily make much money off it on a regular basis.

Many full-time artists do binary options trading with Banc de Binary, even the ones who don’t have a solid background in finance and economics. Looking up Banc de Binary testimonials should confirm my point for you. Just how are artists who don’t know a lot able to make great money of binary options trading? They are able to do so primarily through the help of binary options trading signals. Brokerages such as Banc de Binary send out “signals” which contain very useful information on markets, assets, and trades to their clients and because of this, clients don’t have to do intensive research to make amazing trades. By relying on binary options trading signals alone, anyone can make safe but profitable investments regularly.

“I started working as an artist about a year ago. I primarily do graffiti and other kinds of street art. Before I started doing this, I was actually an accountant at a really big firm. I left my job there because art really is my biggest passion. Even though I left my day job, I still make a lot of money monthly, and this is because I do binary options trading. Through binary options trading, I am able to make thousands of dollars on a regular basis. What’s great is that I actually only do it around an hour or two a day. Because of this, I am able to concentrate on making great art,” Caleb Suzuki, a local artist, told us via-email.

If art is your passion, you really need to make it a full-time gig if you want to make it big in the art world. The good news is that due to technological advancements, being a full-time artist doesn’t have to come at the expense of losing a regular source of income anymore. Through binary options trading, you can support yourself financially as a full-time artist.

Basic Arch

The Basic Forms of Architecture

Basic ArchAre you someone that loves to study and observe architecture from around the world? Perhaps you are about to study it or make it one of your hobbies. If this is the case then take a few minutes now and read through this introduction to the basic forms of architecture and you may just learn something new.

Before we look at the five main forms or types of architectural design, let’s take a moment to define what an architecture style is. The architecture style of a building is the particular means of which it is built and the significant characteristics by which it is classified. Included within a “style” of architecture can be its method of development, its form, the materials that were used to build it and identity of the location in which it can be found. Continue reading


Is Architecture Considered Art?

ArtIt can be truly amazing in this day and age to discover what some unique individuals would call, “art.” From constructing a home made from garbage to painting three different colored stripes on a canvas, everyone has their opinion on what defines art and artistic talent. But what about the assembling of structures that form the architecture we now observe every day? Can architecture truly be considered a form of art? We shall take a closer look into this and let you as the reader draw your own conclusion.

When differentiating the endeavors of an artist from an architect it really isn’t a difficult task. The artist takes from what is reality and transforms it into an abstract where the architect takes what is theoretical on a blueprint and makes the modifications to construct it into an actuality. By another definition, the authenticating of art is commonly distinguished as an entity or event function. Architecture on the other hand, comes beneath the restrictions of the economy, construction safety, the responsibilities of environment and functionality.   Continue reading